If you have found yourself on the wrong end of the law and require bail to gain freedom, we are here for you. We understand securing the funds for release can be major issue for a lot of people after being arrested. For people who have family and work obligations or any other number of personal reasons, anytime spent behind bars can be very damaging and costly. If you or a loved one ever finds themselves in this tough and difficult situation bail bonds could be the answer. 

Bail bonds are a guarantee between the bond company and the court. This guarantees that the defendant will appear before the court during the scheduled appearance. In the event that the arrested party is not able to appear before the court, the bond company will be responsible for paying the bail amount. 

Processing Your Bail 

A great way to speed up the process of bonds, is using a bail bond company or bail bondsmen. It’s also wise to consider the stress implications for you or a loved one to go through this process by yourselves which can be quite traumatic for certain people and situations. 

In making the process of bonds easier and quicker, it is a lot better to rely on the agents from 24/7 Bail Bond Service. The most basic information will be requested to start processing the bond. The full name of the arrested individual will be asked as well. Even the city, the date, the jail name and date of birth will be documented before appearing to the court. 

If you can’t afford to be in jail and can’t afford to pay bail in full, we are you best option. 

What Bonds Do We Cover? 

We cover a wide variety of different bond types please check out our bail types page for a breakdown of our individual policies. We will help and advise you on choosing the right bond for your circumstances, then guide you through your legal trouble with the assistance of our team. 

Why Choose Our Service? 

By choosing 24/7 bail bonds service, your private information will be kept with the utmost confidentiality. There is no need to worry that anyone will be aware you have been arrested through us. 

After we have obtained the name of the city, jail or a defendant, we will liaise with you along with the jail. This is to ensure that the release of you or a loved one is processed in the easiest and fastest way possible. But it’s our expertise, professionalism and discretion that really set us apart.

Payment Options

Currently, payment options for 24/4 Bail Bond Services include Western Union, Money Grams, Check, Debit Card, Cash, Bank Transfers and other major credit cards.

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