How Do Bail Bonds Work

What is Bail?

Bail is the discharge of a person accused of committing an offense. It is temporary freedom given to the defendant with the agreement that they will show up in court to face trial when told to do so. This agreement is made when the person signs the bail bond. Granting bail is common in many countries but bail is not offered in certain circumstances, i.e. where the individual is unlikely to turn up in court when instructed.

Sometimes, bail money may be returned towards the end of the trial if all court appearances are made, whether or not the individual is liable or not liable for the crime charged. However, bail does not apply for every crime, such as the death penalty or a life sentence.

What We Do For You

Usually bail bonds are documents arranged by family members or friends for the defendant to sign to allow temporary release before trial. The problem is, some defendants cannot afford to post bail and, therefore, may seek help from a bail bond service. Bail bond agents become responsible for the total amount of bail posted if the defendant refuses to attend the trial. So how does it work? Before a bail agent commits to the promise of paying the amount of bail, the agent demands collateral such as money, jewelry or a written agreement with the family or relatives of the defendant for security purposes.

24/7 Bail Bond Service makes all the work easy for you. We offer a bail service with our reliable and experienced bail agents anytime in your hour of need. You may call us and we will arrange everything for you, guaranteed.

What Are my Options?

24/7 Bail Bond Service offers a wide array of choices for your convenience. Our Bond Service includes bonds for:

Not to mention our wide choice of payment schemes such as credit cards, bank transfers and many more. By just a few clicks, we can assure you of a satisfying service anytime, anywhere.

When Do You Get Out of Jail?

As soon as all documents are completed, the court clerk issues a bond ticket or similar document and sends it to the authorities to inform them that the defendant posted bail. Written in this report includes the date and time for the trial. After the police receive the said document, the defendant will be released and will be expected to show up during the trial period stated in the bond ticket. Otherwise, the defendant will be arrested for the offense of “jumping bail”. With 24/7 Bail Bond Service, the bond ticket will be readily available in no time, for we have the best bond agents in town.

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