Non Arrest Bail Bonds

Non Arrest Bail Bonds

A non­ arrest is when a warrant for arrest has been issued but the person to whom it is directed has not yet been arrested. An example is when you have been issued a ticket for a traffic violation but you failed to appear for your court date. As a consequence, an arrest warrant will be issued against you. Having a non­arrest bond could remove that warrant and give you another court date.

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Non Arrest Bail Bond Information

Normally, when a person has been charged with a crime, they are arrested and then sent to jail. There, that person has to wait for the booking process to finish or until someone posts a bond to get them out. When an arrest warrant is issued, it can be enforced at any time and any place, but with a non­arrest bail bond you can avoid the hassle and embarrassment of being arrested. People who have been charged with a crime but want to avoid jail time can take advantage of this type of bond.

This type of bond is very helpful. You can ask anyone who has ever been sent to jail and they will tell you that even for just a few hours, spending time in jail is a really bad experience. We at 24/7 Bail Bonds can help you stay out of this type of situation. We have worked with many clients and have provided them with very affordable payment plans for their bonds. We understand fully how strongly our clients feel about avoiding spending time in jail.

If you have committed a crime or have been charged, you should immediately get a non­arrest bail bond. This type of bail bond is needed prior to being arrested. Once an arrest warrant is issued, the law enforcers will immediately serve it. If you do not obtain a non­arrest bail bond in time, they could already have enforced the warrant and sent you to jail. You do not need to worry as you can contact 24/7 Bail Bonds any time. We are true to our name and will cater for your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our associates are always ready to assist you and will treat you like a regular customer, not a criminal. If you want a bondsman who can accommodate your needs quickly and who offers a very affordable payment plan, come and visit 24/7 Bail Bonds now.

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